A New Kind of Corporate Team Building

teambuildingWith more and more workplaces opening in corporation and with so many of us having office and desk jobs it is no surprise that we can lose our touch with people. Conflicts during work hours are not uncommon and many managers are still struggling to find a way of how to deal with them. It is not enough to have an HR department as most of the time it doesn’t really solve the issue, it either postpones the current conflict or it doesn’t address the problem at all. We are experts in providing corporate limo service

Many people try different solutions to help their employees build at least some kind of understanding relationships. Personal discussions are often tried, but it seems to be the case that people don’t like to listen and see the other person’s point of view, so this solution is a bit of a dead end. What people have found to be beneficial for everyone and is fun altogether is corporate team building.

However, this presents a new challenge. It isn’t enough to have an activity together and call it team building. Playing a game of golf is not team building, for example. That is why there are now businesses that actually deal exclusively with team building. Usual activities include office vs office paintball or other similar competitive games, but we have a new idea of something that not only helps people build relations with one another, but actually expects them to strategize and teaches them things in the process. It is not a simple competitive game, but rather an experience with a bit of competitive action. However, competition is not the key here, but actually completing an objective.

What are we talking about though? You have probably heard of scavenger hunts. Here we have a similar idea, but it depends more on knowledge rather than on items. The concept is that you pick 5 to 10 museums (or historical and notable places) around Chicago, or you can go with no-fee places of significance, then you figure out a list of questions, which have to be a bit tough and are not that easy to be googled. To do this you can actually go around the places you’ve picked and look at the exhibits or interesting things there. For example a question can be “To whom did this sword belong?” with a picture of the sword and a note about where to search for it (the History Museum in this case). Then you can even add bonus points for finding out additional information (like who obtained the sword for the museum, why is it of any significance and so on). After they finish with a task someone gives them the other one (with 5 to 10 such objectives) and they go the next place. At the end, when there are done with all the tasks, there will be a final round of questions and whichever team answers the most wins a separate price for example.

What this whole thing employs is that people actually have to strategize how they search for their objectives and how they go about collecting information. Additionally there can be individual tasks which would boost the final score of the team if they are done. This is so flexible that you can always think of something more to add.

To do all of that you will need transportation, but it is key that you use your time wisely. Don’t waste time thinking about driving and which route to take. Plan in advance and use our services to enjoy a nice day or a weekend building friendships.

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