The Importance of Personal Presentation

Man in classic suitIn today’s society more and more people pride themselves on being more open-minded, tolerant and accepting. They say a person is more than looks and of course, they are right. However, this is not the reality. People still judge others based on looks and appearance. Daily we witness just that – people are treated differently, because of how they present themselves.

A simple story that happened to an acquaintance of mine will help you understand the issue I am currently writing about. So this guy is a well-doing person, but his job involves a lot of moving around, overlooking construction project, oftentimes he gets in the work himself, as he has experience in this kind of things. And he is not a simpleton by any means, nor is he cheap. However, one day after work, when he wanted to finally buy a watch for himself, which he’d wanted for a long time, he finally went to the place, which was selling the watch. It has to be noted that it was a reputable chain of watch shops, so you wouldn’t get anything of low quality. But nevertheless, when he went in there after work, they didn’t even want to show him the watches from behind the glass-case. Why? Because he was dirty, looked like someone who can’t afford such a watch and is probably going to steal it. Of course, this might make you angry right now, but it is what happens every day – people are judged by their appearance.

What do you think happened, when he went home, took a shower, put on an expensive, well-made suit and went back to the place selling the watch? They didn’t even recognize him. Immediately they showed him what he wanted and he bought it. That is the reality – many businesses treat people based on how they look.

Think about it – aren’t you inclined to think differently of a person, who is well-dressed, in a suit, looks presentable and seems even VIP? Of course you would be inclined to treat him differently. That is human nature, we perceive things in a certain way and it is very hard to overcome the initial judgment we make of a person.

So what can you do for yourself to make others treat you better, to perceive you as important, or even VIP? Even if you don’t go buying an expensive suit, you can still make some changes. One thing you can do is to look people straight in the eye, always. Never look down, even when you walk. Also take note of your posture as it is probably incorrect. There are tips out there on how to fix it and from personal experience I can tell you that it takes no more than a week of dedication.

Nevertheless, it will do you well to pick clothes that flatter you and to overall update your wardrobe. Again, you don’t necessarily need suits, but shirts are important and t-shirts ruin a big part of your presentation.

Last, but not least, you need to look presentable even when people do not see you – that means when you are inside a car. If you are driving around in a dirty truck, chances are people will think of you as someone, who isn’t well paid, and has to work really hard for his buck and mostly not well-paid labor. To make sure your ride is presentable, take a look at our services.

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