The History of Limousines

White Limousine for an SUV Chicago Limo articleUndoubtedly, the automobile industry has been growing for quite a while (since its conception to be precise). And while we can definitely see progress in design and technical characteristics of vehicles, there are some odd choices along the way. Who’d have thought that we would come up with monster trucks, for example? So it comes as no surprise that people wonder how the limousine has been conceived. And we would track its roots, but let us mention that if you need Chicago limo service, you can always count on us.

First we have to go all the way back to carriages. Rich people back then had not only high quality carriages, but good coachman as well. We can say that this is how professional chauffeured services have become quite a business. But although carriages ultimately evolved in cars, the limousine was a new invention. It came from France and was supposedly invented in 1889. It had to separate chambers – one for the passengers, one for the driver. And since the driver would definitely be hired, this is how limousines became synonymous with chauffeured services.

Now when you think about that wealthy people used to be driven around in fancy carriages, they easily made the jump to limousines. Of course, throughout the years some rich folks have preferred more simple cars, but still stylish and presentable, so they looked for a regular sedan, rather than a fancy limousine. Thus the stretch limo became less of a “rich people’s transport” and more of a special occasions kind of ride. When limousine companies grew bigger, the booking fees went down and people were able to treat themselves with a nice ride every once in a while. It became quite common to see limousine for a wedding or a prom. It is still to this day the ride of choice for VIP events.

Psychologically this is why people enjoy traveling via a limousine. They associate them with celebrities and with the idea of luxury. However, it is still quite affordable to get a limo for whatever event you want. Since it can take up to 8 passengers, you can easily split the bill with friends and pay around 30 dollars per person to enjoy a nice ride.

So you see that from rich people’s carriages we got all the way up to common folks enjoying a luxury vehicle for a special occasion and even for some regular ones as well. Don’t forget that you too can book a limousine for yourself or your friends. Check out our services now!

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