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White Limousine for an SUV Chicago Limo articleUndoubtedly, the automobile industry has been growing for quite a while (since its conception to be precise). And while we can definitely see progress in design and technical characteristics of vehicles, there are some odd choices along the way. Who’d have thought that we would come up with monster trucks, for example? So it comes as no surprise that people wonder how the limousine has been conceived. And we would track its roots, but let us mention that if you need Chicago limo service, you can always count on us.

First we have to go all the way back to carriages. Rich people back then had not only high quality carriages, but good coachman as well. We can say that this is how professional chauffeured services have become quite a business. But although carriages ultimately evolved in cars, the limousine [...]

ChauffeurHave ever wondered how business came to be? How entrepreneurship became the foundation of modern society? And when exactly did we start thinking capitalistically? Maybe you find all of the answers in the last word of the last question – capitalism. That’s when it all started, right? Well, did it really? We know there were traders in ancient times. We know of rich people hiring many workers for their fields. We know about crop storages and trades. So we can say that business was indeed a crucial part of society right from the get-go. Or when we first invented agriculture, to be more precise. And for centuries business has grown and the whole idea has been developed. We now value services more as production costs have gone down because of automation. Business has grown to include many different marketing schemes – something, which wasn’t present in the [...]

ChauffeurIt should come as no surprise that our society grows more and more competitive. If you work in the service industry in a big city, you would definitely know the feel. Having a job in a corporation often means that there is the possibility of a pay raise or going higher in the ranks as a whole. You know the saying “Climbing the corporate ladder” – well, it is indeed a ladder.

Interestingly enough, quite a lot of psychology goes on when people think of their success, and even more when they think about the success of others. Let me give you an example. Imagine you have some important job to do at work, which comes with bonuses and whatnot. Your employer or manager has trusted you to do it, so your own ego gets a bit of a boost. You understand that what you do is [...]

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