More Advice on Driving During the Winter Season

Winter-Conditions-DrivingLast time on this blog we talked about some tips and important things to consider during the snowy season. Just as a reminder – we talked about being well-rested, having  your tires checked regularly and keeping your gas tank full enough. These, however, are not the only tips there are and we have prepared another page of useful information for you and your car during the winter.

SUV Chicago Limo makes certain that our hired drivers are always experienced and well-prepared for every occasion on the road. All of them know how to be careful and what to look for during the cold season, which is so prominent in Chicago. Their experience assures your safety.

As we mentioned in our previous post, people often neglect the importance of experience and special care. A good advice for the winter is never to get into a car which will be driven by a person with no experience behind the wheel in such conditions. Many people will ask “But how will they learn to drive then?”, which is simply answered – by themselves or with someone who wants to help them and give them tips – and surely for short trips. It isn’t worth risking your life, just because someone wants to drive.

If you decide to drive by yourself, consider keeping a good amount of distance between your car and the one in front of you. Professionals say that distance should be at least 500 ft., but it is somewhat hard to achieve. However, do keep your distance, because stopping is twice, if not thrice as hard during the winter.

Another thing you should always do before even starting your car is to clean the windows manually. Sure, your windshield has its wipers, but even they sometimes are not enough to clean it properly, especially if there is ice. Even if your side windows are heated, it is still wise to clean them manually so that you have as much vision as possible.

When you are on the road, always try to accelerate and decelerate smoothly. Don’t go hard on the gas pedal, as it is possible for your wheels to start slipping and it’s only downhill from there (pun not intended). On the same note, avoid using your car’s cruise control. We know it’s a fancy function, for which you’ve probably paid premium, but it is not a wise choice when driving during the winter, as acceleration and deceleration have to be controlled in a specific manner as we’ve already mentioned.

Other tips would be to change your oil with one of lower viscosity and to take your turns a bit more carefully – even if they have to be wider. Pay special attention to pedestrians, as your car will have a harder time stopping.

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