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ChauffeurIt should come as no surprise that our society grows more and more competitive. If you work in the service industry in a big city, you would definitely know the feel. Having a job in a corporation often means that there is the possibility of a pay raise or going higher in the ranks as a whole. You know the saying “Climbing the corporate ladder” – well, it is indeed a ladder.

Interestingly enough, quite a lot of psychology goes on when people think of their success, and even more when they think about the success of others. Let me give you an example. Imagine you have some important job to do at work, which comes with bonuses and whatnot. Your employer or manager has trusted you to do it, so your own ego gets a bit of a boost. You understand that what you do is [...]

Reputation Management Concept on the Cogwheels.Do you know how easy it is to start a company nowadays? You don’t even need a lot of money to do it and if you have a fortune to your name, you can pretty much start any kind of company and begin advertising it. Because of this and our capitalist mentality of competition (which is pretty cool), you can see many companies out there for a single service and sometimes the whole thing is so overwhelming, you don’t know which one to choose. And more importantly – you don’t know how to choose.

Economists say that if you are not familiar with a type of service or product, and you are presented with a choice between some options related to that type, you will undoubtedly make the wrong choice. This is mindboggling, as you should at least have a chance of [...]

Convenience of Limo ServicePeople like traveling – this is a point that doesn’t need backing up. For every person who doesn’t want to travel, there are many others who desire it. This is why traveling agencies and tourism are always on the rise. Recent studies have found out that if you want to keep your business steady, tourism is the way to go. Of course, it takes a lot of investment, but that is obvious, if you want to have people use your services. Sure, there are some failed attempts, but this is mostly due to improper planning. As an experts in limo services in the Chicago area and Illinois in general, we got some tips for you.

In any case visiting new places is fun, exciting and good for you. And it doesn’t even need to involve vacations with your family. Consider a business trip. You’ve [...]

Happy tourists couple holding mapIn today’s world it is quite easy to see what a place looks like. After all, technology has progressed quite a bit and we can’t even imagine what it would be without relying on our smartphones, navigation and the internet. And this is not a bad thing. It can certainly help you decide if you want to go somewhere, what exactly there is to see and how fun it is supposedly going to be. But even then, tourism is not exactly a cheap hobby. Actually it is not a cheap single event either. If you want to have a good time, you already know it in yourself that you’d need to spend quite a lot of money. Even more so if you want to go abroad – to Europe for example.

But today we have for you a new and exciting idea. What [...]

Man in classic suitIn today’s society more and more people pride themselves on being more open-minded, tolerant and accepting. They say a person is more than looks and of course, they are right. However, this is not the reality. People still judge others based on looks and appearance. Daily we witness just that – people are treated differently, because of how they present themselves.

A simple story that happened to an acquaintance of mine will help you understand the issue I am currently writing about. So this guy is a well-doing person, but his job involves a lot of moving around, overlooking construction project, oftentimes he gets in the work himself, as he has experience in this kind of things. And he is not a simpleton by any means, nor is he cheap. However, one day after [...]

work tripIn this day and age more and more people are sent to different places on tasks related to their job. Quite often it is a corporate meeting, or a presentation for a potential client, a marketing and advertisement forum, team-building activities, different seminars and so on. It is probably a safe bet to say that most people in the service industry have had such a trip. If you have also been on one, you are probably aware of the planning process and how often it happens that you forget about certain things and you have to find workarounds in the last minute. That is why we will give you some general advice on the matter in order to make your next trip easier.

To start, just book transportation several days or even weeks prior to the trip. Sometimes this can be a real pain if done [...]

Winter-Conditions-DrivingLast time on this blog we talked about some tips and important things to consider during the snowy season. Just as a reminder – we talked about being well-rested, having  your tires checked regularly and keeping your gas tank full enough. These, however, are not the only tips there are and we have prepared another page of useful information for you and your car during the winter.

SUV Chicago Limo makes certain that our hired drivers are always experienced and well-prepared for every occasion on the road. All of them know how to be careful and what to look for during the cold season, which is so prominent in Chicago. Their experience assures your safety.

As we mentioned in our previous post, people often neglect the importance of experience and special care. A good advice for the winter is never to get into a car which will [...]

Winter-ConditionsAnyone living in Chicago is aware that driving in winter conditions is very often an impossible or at least a really difficult task. And the truth of the matter is that once again winter is right at our doorstep and you have to be prepared for it. What does that mean? Well, for you it probably means that you need to change the tires, your windshield wiper liquid and you need antifreeze for your car. Also, you have to be prepared to spend more on gas as the heat generator in your car will surely use a lot of energy and where does that energy come from? You guessed it – ultimately it comes from the fuel. And that’s just the thing you can do with your car, but what about yourself and your body’s responses in [...]

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